My Name is Judith and I currently live in Berlin.
The pseudonym "smakelig" comes from the Dutch word "delicious". I chose the word due to its quirky and weird sound - just as I would describe my work - delicious, quirky and weird. My interests and my creative sources are strongly connected - science stuff, a pinch of philosophy and, let's say, sourcery.
I would like my work to be the desert of daily life's dish - the world is more delicious, quirkier and weirder than it sometimes seems.

Most of my illustrations are created digitally, because I like clear, thin and perfect lines. But I need to work with my hands as well. I’m very interested in analogue print art, because of how you can reproduce an image, the physical textures of the different print techniques and also the little mistakes that can happen, but make the picture more interesting or inviting me to experiment. I mostly do screen printing, but also started to discover the risograph for myself.

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You can find some of my prints here at Whitegrid Gallery